Our Vision:

A world where we no longer need to fear cancer

Our Research

Our research is to understand what causes cancer and what drives its behaviors, turning that knowledge into better treatments and, ultimately, fewer cases of cancer in animals and in humans. Through innovative research that is relevant and responsive to the needs of the people we serve and their companion animal family members, we are determined to achieve our vision.

How you can participate

Clinical Trials are an essential step in taking what we learn in the lab and putting that knowledge to work in the clinic. We test what we hope will be more effective strategies for cancer treatment and prevention. Visit our Clinical Trials page.

Help fund our research: Please visit our Donate page.

Our Partners

Animal Cancer Care and Research Program (ACCR): The Modiano Lab is part of the ACCR.

Visit the ACCR to learn more.

University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center : Research at the Modiano Lab is in collaboration with the Masonic Cancer Center.

Visit the Masonic Cancer Center to learn more.

Veterinary Medical Center : We partner with the VMC where most of the pet animals are seen for our clinical trials. We seek to strengthen the VMC’s goal of providing compassionate, effective care for pets with cancer –- restoring function and providing maximum life extension with the highest possible quality of life.

Visit the VMC to learn more.