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Milcah Scott

Researcher 5

Milcah has a Bachelor's degree in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Milcah joined the lab in May of 2008 and is responsible for overseeing multiple bone cancer (osteosarcoma) projects in the lab.

For many of these projects, Milcah uses comparative genomic approaches to define genetic and gene expression alterations that mediate development and progression of human and canine osteosarcoma. Milcah led the effort that identified tumor-intrinsic gene expression signatures indicative of tumor progression and patient outcome in dogs with osteosarcoma which is conserved in human osteosarcoma patients. Most recently, Milcah's work is focused on understanding interactions between tumor cells and the stromal environment and how these interactions may contribute to tumor progression and metastasis in osteosarcoma patients.

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A list of Milcah's publications can be found here.


(Updated 8/23/16)