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Proceedings from the “Genes, Dogs, and Cancer” Meetings

Genes, Dogs, and Cancer” is an international meeting that brings together scientists working on all aspects of canine and comparative cancer medicine and biology. The meeting objectives are to disseminate new findings on the molecular basis of cancer pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment in dogs, and the applications of this knowledge to cancers in humans. Each meeting was sponsored by The AKC Canine Health Foundation with financial assistance from various corporations and non-profit clubs and foundations.

The meetings consist of presentations by invited scientists who are leaders in the field, as well as plenary and poster sessions for young investigators. You can use these links to view abstracts for the meetings held in Keystone, CO on May 21-22, 2001 (GDC I), in Aurora, OH on September 19-21, 2002 (GDC II), in Seattle, WA on September 5-7, 2003 (GDC III), in Chicago, IL on September 14-17, 2006 (GDC IV), and in Orlando, FL on Feb 13-15, 2009 (GDC V). Abstracts are available through an agreement with International Veterinary Information Services (IVIS). To obtain permission to reprint or use any of this material, contact the IVIS staff directly at